New York City | Bloemendaal | Amsterdam

We’re happy to announce these very exciting new projects:

Loft in Brooklyn, NYC

In Brooklyn Jeroen’s team will turn a traditional loft with stunning view, into an outstanding place of living in the city with beautiful light, sights and dynamics. Raw as the industrial harbor, calm as the sunrise and exciting as the streets of NYC. Creative but comfortable.. we can’t wait!

Unique view from the terrace:


Storehouse in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam ZW6 will transfer an old storehouse in Amsterdam into a new designed home with the combination of traditional characteristics and new volumes and art. Kind of cool, to create a home where you’ve never felt so comfy before. Building the dream of the residents!


Villa in Bloemendaal

In Bloemendaal  it’s up  to Jeroen to built a familyhome with developing more space, a better environment and a place where you can welcome your friends easily. A beautiful old dutch farmhouse, with so much potential that Jeroen gets crazy enthusiastic about all the opportunities. This house will inhale the surrounded forrest and breathe out nature, space, light and love.


Let’s get started!!

New York City | Bloemendaal | Amsterdam

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